UVU President to Serve as LDS Mission President

Utah Valley University President Matthew Holland has decided to leave the presidency in order to preside over an LDS mission.  President Holland is the son of Elder Jeffrey Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and has been president of UVU since 2009.  His mission is to begin in July 2018.

President Holland is a great example of service.  Instead of continuing his great career as a university president, a very prestigious job, he is choosing to serve the Lord.  For the next three years he will not receive a salary, but will voluntarily preside over missionaries who carry out the Lord’s work of salvation here on the earth.

Being a mission president is no easy task.  Their primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the 50-150 missionaries under their wing, while also training and teaching them how to improve each day.  It takes a very dedicated servant of the Lord to fulfill such a calling.

What can we learn from his example?  What things should we sacrifice in our lives to serve the Lord more effectively?  We should constantly strive to serve God and our fellow man, and find ways to do so each day.

Whenever we serve the Lord, we are blessed.  The more we sacrifice for Him, the more we are blessed.  It’s up to us to decide how much we choose to serve.

*Guest post by Chris Ruddy.

You might be interested in watching Matthew Holland’s TED Talk about Abraham Lincoln:

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