15+ Tips for Preparing for General Conference

General Conference comes twice and year and can be easy to miss or overlook if we don’t prepare properly, so we compiled a list of all the best tips from some of our best return missionaries.

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  1. Come with a question

    There have been several recent general conference talks where this was advised. Our Heavenly Father will send us more inspiration if He knows that we are seeking it and asking for it.

  2. Bring a notebook and pen

    Writing down the inspiration that we receive will help us to remember it and enable us to act on it later.

  3. Get plenty of sleep the night before

    Raise your hand if you have fallen asleep or dozed off in a church meeting before. General Conference is an amazing source of inspiration from the Lord’s living prophets. Don’t miss out because you stayed up late the night before.

  4. Go to your local church building to watch

    Most LDS church buildings will broadcast general conference live. Getting up and going to your local meeting center can be a great idea for those that have a hard time paying attention on the couch at home.

  5. Dress up in your Sunday best

    Watching in your pajamas can be fun, but it is easier to feel the spirit and give general conference the respect it deserves if we still dress up like we do on normal Sundays.

  6. Take notes of the impressions you receive, not the little details of each talk

    Some note takers spend too much time taking notes and not enough time listening to the spirit. It’s okay to take notes, but take notes of what really matters.

  7. Look back on your notes

    Those notes you took don’t do you any good if they just sit in your notebook until the next general conference comes around. Open that notebook back up on a regular basis. Make a goal for how often you will go over your notes.

  8. Attend a session of General Conference

    If you have never attended a live session of general conference in Salt Lake, do everything you can to go at least once. There is something distinctly different about standing up when the Prophet enters the room and seeing these great men and women speak in person. See if you have friends with access to tickets or talk to your local bishop or stake president.

  9. Attend Music and the Spoken Word before conference

    Another beautiful way to feel the spirit during general conference weekend. Attending is free and 100% worth it.

  10. Fast

    If you put in the effort to fast before general conference, God will bless you with higher sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

  11. Pray for inspiration

    Every general conference speaker prays and prepares for months before giving their talks. We should do the same so that we can hear what we are truly meant to hear.

  12. Write down important scriptures to read later

    Try taking notes of scriptures that touch you while listening. You can go back and study them before the talks are available online.

  13. Make a note of the talks you want to go back and watch later when they are available online

    General conference is long, so make a note of which talks were most important to you so that you can go back and watch those first.

  14. Watch General Conference again when it comes online

    Don’t just watch it and forget about it! Watch, listen, or read the talks again on LDS.org as soon as they come online.

  15. Print out your favorite talks and study them

    Printing out talks and marking them up is a great way to treasure the word of God continually in your heart.

  16. Invite a nonmember friend to watch conference with you

    Explain the purpose and importance of general conference to your friend so that he or she is prepared and will be able to feel the Spirit.

  17. Check out LDS.org for conference updates


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