Top 5 things to do in Washington DC

Visiting D.C might seem daunting because of the many things there are to do. Some people might think it is only worthwhile if they are history buffs but luckily, D.C. has options for everyone in your family to enjoy. Here are a few options:

1.Visit the Smithsonian


The Smithsonian Museums are definitely worth your visit while in D.C. Not only are they free, there are also so many options to choose from. 19 to be exact.  From the Air and Space Museum to the African American History and Culture museum, you will have an enjoyable and enlightening experience. If going during the summer, make sure you arrive early and make time to be there all day as it gets quite busy during that time of year. Honestly, you could spend a whole week just visiting the museums, you might even need a second trip back.

2. Visit Monuments

Monuments and memorials are must-sees in D.C not only because you will literally see all of them if you take a stroll through the town, but because they are beautifully designed structures. Since you have to be outside, I would suggest you go from spring to early fall so you can also enjoy the beautiful weather. Bike tours are also a fairly cheap option and you can see obscure monuments you might not know about and learn some background history you might not get by walking on your own. For an extra fun adventure, walk through D.C. at night. The monuments are lit up and make for beautiful pictures.


3.Visit Private Museums and Gardens

One of the more beautiful places in D.C is the United States Botanic Garden. This museum houses ecosystems from all over the world. Flowers and plants from Australia to flowers and plants form the Amazon forest. You don’t need to go all over the world to see these beautiful ecosystems. There are also many private museums which may not be free but are definitely worth your money. Two of the more popular museums are the Kreeger Museums and the Dumbarton Oaks Museum, which also house beautiful gardens.

4.Shop and stroll through Georgetown


Georgetown is one of many neighborhoods in D.C. Georgetown is a popular spot because of its historic value and because there are tons shopping stores as well as restaurants. There are of course many name-brand stores but you can also find many independent and unique boutiques. There are places to shop for anything or anyone and once you get tired of the shopping you can relax and grab a cupcake from the famous Georgetown cupcakes.,_D.C./Georgetown


Like any metropolitan area, D.C. is home to people from all over the world. Thanks to this diversity, there is a rich food scene. Whatever kind of food you are craving, you are bound to find it in D.C. Many people assume there are only high-end, expensive restaurants. That the only good food is expensive food, but if you search well enough, you can find authentic, family-operated restaurants that offer delicious comfort-food from all over the world. This way you won’t have to deal with long lines or reservations and will enjoy a delicious, non-extravagant meal that still gives you a taste of the world.


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