New LDS Missionary Email Policy

It’s official- LDS Missionaries can now email friends, converts, priesthood leaders, etc. Here are some updated LDS Missionary email guidelines and policies. LDS Missionary Email Policy LDS Missionaries can email friends, converts and priesthood leaders. While LDS Missionaries can email just about anyone, they should get permission from their mission president before emailing others of Read more about New LDS Missionary Email Policy[…]

Importance of Preach My Gospel (6 videos)

Playlist: The Importance of Preach My Gospel: Video #1: The Power of Preach My Gospel (Elder Richard G. Scott) “I am very grateful to be able to discuss with you an exciting development that will make it easier for each of us to share with loved ones and friends the glorious message of the Restoration Read more about Importance of Preach My Gospel (6 videos)[…]