Spiritual Promptings

Spiritual Promptings Reflection

I was faced with the decision of whom to marry.  I sought the advice of my Bishop, Stake President, my family, friends and most importantly, the Lord.  In my heart, I always felt a sense of longing for the young woman I was deciding to marry, and in my mind, we were constantly connecting spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.  Whenever I thought about her, I would think about God, missionary work, raising a righteous family, and enjoying wholesome recreational activities together.  I always felt a peace-of-mind when I thought of Sarah and marrying her, and honestly it was the easiest decision I’ve ever made.  I knew that these promptings in my mind and heart were indeed Godly and moving me towards Christ.

When working at the MTC, I received a prompting to show the Missionaries a video that I had seen recently on Facebook that was a compilation of RMs who silently reacted to questions about their mission such as; “How does Christ feel about your service?”  I hesitated for a few moments BC it was a video that was not necessarily in the Curriculum, but I showed it any way and afterwards a missionary pulled me aside and with tears in his eyes he testified that because of that video, he now understands how the Holy Ghost speaks to him.  I too testified to him that this is only the beginning of a wonderful conversation that will grow and develop between him and his Heavenly Father.

I had another prompting to call my fiancé before I went into work one day even though I only had 10 minutes to talk.  I decided to call her and tell her that I love her.  She reflected on that moment with gratitude for me and for our great relationship, as have I–and now I call her every day before I go into work to remind her how amazing she is.  We talk almost every night, and see each other almost every other day now, but those precious minutes mean so much to us now that we have learned to cherish the small moments we have—and to care more about the quality (not quantity) of time we have together.

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Spiritual Promptings

Jean A. Stevens


Spiritual Promptings

One evening my children and I were driving down a hill near our home. I noticed a boy about 12 years old wearing a backpack and walking up the hill. It was a strange time for him to be coming home from school, but I didn’t think too much of it.

Then I had a strong impression that I should turn around and help the boy. But I was worried it would frighten him if a strange car pulled up next to him at night, so I continued driving.

As I got to the bottom of the hill, the impression came again: “You need to go help that boy.”

I turned the car around and drove back to the boy. I rolled down the window and said, “Do you need help? I had a prompting that I should come back and help you.”

The boy looked at us with tears streaming down his face. He said, “Would you? I’ve been praying that someone would help me.”

He had stayed after school for an activity and had missed the last bus. He had walked several miles already. It was getting dark, and he was frightened. Because of the boy’s prayer and the Spirit’s prompting, we were able to help him find his way home.

We can all pray when we need help. I received a spiritual feeling that helped the boy return home. You too can receive promptings through the Spirit that will help guide you safely home to Heavenly Father.

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