25+ Reasons You Should Attend BYU

Here’s a list of 25+ reasons why you should consider attending BYU Provo for your college education.

1. Prestige

BYU is one of the highest ranked schools in the country. It is known for its academic excellence and provides students with an amazing education. At BYU you are taught not only facts and formulas, but you are forced to problem solve and figure things out on your own. It’s business school is especially highly ranked in the nation.

2. Variety of majors

BYU offers 178 undergraduate majors and 108 minors. It also offers 93 graduate degrees. So basically, BYU is very likely to have the degree of your choice.

3. Job placement

Students who attend BYU have excellent job placement. There are many large companies that come to BYU in search of students who they want to work for them. Job placement depends highly on your major, but BYU has lots of people working their hardest to get you a job, and having a degree from BYU is a big help in getting you that dream job. Employers really do pay attention to the university name that your degree comes from. Luckily, BYU is a name that employers like to see.

4. BYU bookstore

The BYU bookstore has some of the most amazing brownies and fudge. When people come to visit, they always make sure to drop by the bookstore and get some because they have heard about how wonderful they are. They also sell super cute BYU memorabilia and make it really hard for you to get out of there without buying something. On the bright side, when the temptations arise and you find yourself in the checkout line with armfuls of inventory, at least you get it tax-free for being a BYU student.

5. Devotionals

Every Tuesday afternoon at 11am, the whole entire campus goes quiet while all of the students head to the Marriott center to listen to an hour long devotional given by amazing speakers all over the country. No classes are scheduled during this time, on-campus stores close, and the noise and commotion is transferred to the Marriott Center while the students wait for someone amazing to speak to them and lift their spirits. The types of speakers range from presidential candidates to Olympians to members of the quorum of the twelve, but they all have one thing in common. They are all very inspirational and have the spirit of God with them as they speak.

6. Alcohol-free campus

Attending a school with a no-alcohol policy has been such a blessing. I can only imagine what it might be like to go to a university where drinking is a common activity. Here in Provo, you can go to a party and not worry about being bombarded with pressure to drink. You can live in a college apartment without having any concerns about coming home to roommates that are hung over. It provides a great sense of safety and peace.

7. Views (mountains)

Every morning when you wake up and walk outside, it is a joyous occasion and an absolutely stunning view to see the colorful sun rising above the snowy mountains. As you look to the east of campus, you are enveloped by their glory. The strain of walking up the steep hill to campus is forgotten as you look to the mountains and smile because of the gorgeous view. It is one hard view to beat and one that will be dearly missed when you have to leave.

8. Activities in Provo

If there was ever a place that had a lot going on, it would be Provo. There are so many fun things to do around Provo. If you can’t seem to find what you are looking for here, you are likely to find it in a nearby city and sure to find it only an hour away in Salt Lake City. There are always fun parties going on, salsa dancing to participate in, and activities being thrown by the BYU Student Activities Committee. There are also lots of places to shop, some of the most amazing restaurants, and fun places to go.


9. Proximity to temples

I don’t know about you, but for me, a drive to the temple was always at least an hour long, usually more. At BYU, there are two temples within walking distance and 5 more temples within an hour drive of campus. The two temples that are within walking distance from campus are Provo and Provo City Center. Both are absolutely gorgeous. The other temples that are within an hour drive from the university include: Payson, Mount Timpanogos, Draper, Oquirrh, and Jordan River. It is such a blessing to live in a place with so many temples so close and it is definitely something that I am trying to take advantage of while I am attending school here.

10. FHE groups

FHE groups are a wonderful thing. They typically consist of a mom, a dad, and about 20 children. The mom and dad are called to preside over the FHE families by the bishop and then they are assigned a few apartments to take in as their children. Each week, the families get together and do some sort of activity together. The members of your FHE family can become some of your best friends. I know they have become some of mine.

11. YSA wards

The YSA wards are one of my favorite things about BYU. They are full of hundreds of people just like you. They are all such kind, wonderful, spiritual, smart, and talented college just like you. Personally, I think that I have the absolute best ward in Provo, but everybody says that. This only proves that every YSA ward is amazing. Not only are the wards amazing, but all YSA Bishops are known for their greatness as well.

12. Home teachers

There is nothing like having two spiritual, strong, men watching over you at all times. If you ever need anything, they will always be there to help.

13. Visiting Teachers

Visiting teachers can become your best friends. It is proven that the more you serve somebody, the more you love them, and visiting teachers can attest to this fact. Both, having visiting teachers and getting to be a visiting teacher bring some of the greatest blessings into your life.

14. Professors

The professors at BYU are absolutely amazing. They try to bring the gospel into their lectures and the spirit into the classroom. Many classes even begin with a prayer or an opening hymn. If you ever felt like you needed to talk, I can almost guarantee that any of the professors would set aside some time in their busy lives to talk to you. They really care about and love their students.

15. Roommates

Just like everywhere else, you will always have some roommates that you will get along with better than others. But your chances of getting good roommates at BYU are extremely high. There are so many wonderful, amazing people at this university. I have met some of my best friends as my roommates, and I know that our friendships will last throughout the eternities. You go through everything with your roomies. They know all about your life: the good and the bad. They can literally be your second family away from home.

16. Marriage

Though BYU may not be as highly ranked for marriage as BYU-Idaho (BYU I Do), there are definitely plenty of people searching for their eternal companion on this campus. And if you are the one searching for your eternal companion, let me just tell you, there are plenty of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes here at BYU. Your options are endless.

17. Spirituality

The spirit is so strong at BYU. I can honestly say that I have never felt the spirit so strongly in one place before. Whether it be at church, or just hanging around campus, the spirit can be present all the time. With so many return missionaries as students at BYU, this surely is no surprise.

18. Heritage Halls

Heritage Halls is a great place for Freshman to live. There is always a party going on in one of the apartments or in one of the Heritage Halls activity rooms. On top of that, they have a room designated just for their residents with pool tables, ping pong tables, a piano, couches, and a large TV. Everybody that lives there loves it.

19. Service

What other campus has an office and a team of people designated just for service activities? At BYU, if you ever have a deep desire to do service for somebody, you can just walk into the Yserve office and they will give you a list of service opportunities to choose from. Along with being able to serve, other people at BYU are always looking for opportunities to serve you. I can’t even tell you how many times somebody has brought cookies to my door or helped me fix my car. One day, a large group of boys in my ward even shoveled my pathway.

20. Clubs

Every Tuesday night at BYU is club night. There are all sorts of clubs and they are all waiting with welcoming arms for new members to join them. Some of the clubs at BYU include breakdance club, rubik’s cube speedsolving club, Y juggle club, and many others.

A list of all of the BYU clubs can be found at the website below.



21. Talents

The amount of talent that exists at this school is literally unbelievable. Almost every person at this school has some extra hidden talent that they are just incredible at. Whether it be playing a sport, dancing, acting, making jokes, writing, playing a musical instrument, singing, or being just plain smart, everybody at BYU is here for a reason. They are here because they excel.


22. Sports

BYU sports are a big persuading factor for those who are trying to decide what university to attend. Our sports teams are really wonderful and our student sections are always filled to the max. For the real sport fans, BYU offers an all inclusive sports pass called the ROC pass. With this card, you are able to get into any sporting event at any time without having to worry about buying tickets.

23. Intramurals

For those students who aren’t professional athletes, but still enjoy playing sports, BYU offers intramurals. All students are allowed to participate in intramurals and there aren’t any try-outs. Intramurals are a good break from studying and a good way to get to know people better. They let you play the sports that you love with other people who love them as well. What would sports be without a team or an opponent? Intramurals provide you this opportunity without forcing you to feel pressured to win. It is just a little friendly competition. 🙂

24. Fine Arts performances

BYU’s fine arts program is absolutely amazing. Every concert or performance that I have been to in the Harris Fine Arts Center has blown me away. The many talents of the students are displayed in these entertaining performances.

25. Weather

Although it can get a bit chilly in the winter, the weather in Utah is otherwise very enjoyable. In the spring and summer it is the perfect temperature outside and you want nothing more than to spend your days out in the sun. In the winter and the fall, the snow falls just enough for you to make a snow man and have a snowball fight, but it doesn’t stay too long.


26. Cost

The cost of tuition at BYU is one of its biggest draws. It is extremely cheap compared to the tuition at similar universities. The tuition is so cheap because money from LDS from tithe payers is used to pay for the other university expenses that are not covered in our tuition payments.

27. Honor Code

Out of all of the wonderful things at BYU, I would have to say that the honor code is my all time favorite. There is nothing like being able to take quizzes based on your own honor. The professors here trust us so much and know that if we do cheat, it will be on our own conscience. The honor code helps me to make good choices all the time and helps me to stand in holy places 24/7.

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