A POWERFUL Mormon Message About Refugees

Here’s a powerful Mormon message about refugees.

“This moment does not define [refugees], but our response will help define us”

-Elder Patrick Kearon

I hope you enjoy this video. Refugees need our help. We’ve been incredibly blessed and prospered by the Lord. It’s our privilege and sacred duty to help these people who are fleeing for their lives.

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5 thoughts on “A POWERFUL Mormon Message About Refugees

  • I don’t think there are many of us who agree with the “temporary” ban that do not want to help those who are truly the fatherless and widows so I don’t get this post as it assumes that we don’t want to help these people and that is very arrogant to assume this. We give in tithings and offerings to help others on a constant basis. But if you actually read the Book of Mormon you will see that the Nephites vetted those who might join them as residents in their communities and cities to include Nephi vetting Zoram before he had to decide to let him go with them or maybe to even kill him. That is all President Trump is doing. He is making sure we have a way to ensure to the best of available resources to vet those coming into our country to keep us safe. You will also see in the scriptures the admonition to protect the people of one’s own country so I go by what the Lord says in the scriptures. thank you for your concern

  • I did not think of this way before about refugees are helpless and need it that way . this message open my eyes how all of us need to help out for refugees because Jesus was one and people in united states was to . thanks for sharing this video ! My dad married woman that was from overseas. They moved to over to united states in 2012. She got her kids to come over here to. My dad passed away in 2016. They are still living in arkansas.
    Elizabeth boozer

  • We have been warned by the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security that terrorists plan to use the refugee program to gain access into this country. Why is it not a really good idea to vet everyone coming from these countries? To me, it is just common sense and has little to do with my religious beliefs. Israel has walls. Don’t guilt people for wanting to be safe.

    • I agree, Kathleen. This video is very nice, but it fails to address the exploitation of terrorists, nor does it address sharia law which is ultimately the only law by which Muslim refugees can follow. The unfortunate timing of this video release makes it a political statement.

  • I wonder how many people wo think we need to help refugees, will open their doors on thanksgiving, Christmas, or at anytime and bring a homeless person in their home for a shower, hot meal, etc. Yes, we need to help, but we need to be smart about doing it for everyones safety. Until things are stable, we need to follow the laws of the land and seriously screen those coming in. You want to help refugees, how many are you going to take into your home?

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