Missionary shift: More Sisters enter the MTC than Elders

A couple of weeks ago, something historic happened at the MTC- for the first time ever there was a group of incoming missionaries with more female missionaries than male missionaries.

While I haven’t seen the exact numbers of incoming missionaries these last few weeks.  Several people have mentioned online that there were more sister missionaries than elders in one of the Wednesday groups in the month of April.

This reminds me of a chat I had with a Mission Prep teacher at BYU who told me that this last semester he taught one class with about 100 women preparing to serve a mission and only about 5 men.  With the mission age change announcement, a flood of sisters have been sending in their papers to serve a mission.

I’m so grateful for the sister missionaries heading out to serve full-time missions for The Church.  My wife served as an LDS missionary in the Philippines and I believe Her decision to serve a mission has blessed our marriage and family in many ways.

One thought on “Missionary shift: More Sisters enter the MTC than Elders

  • I really can’t find the right words in English to express the joy I do have as a fun-time missionary in the Benin Cotonou Mission. I think that the safest place for an eighteen to twenty-five years old young man is in the mission field! No other place could be more profiting and spiritually advice-able for assured security and edifying experiences as one of the latter-day saints Missions. Its so true, beloved brothers and sisters and friends.
    And my joy overflows, for this golden chance to help our savior, As for the age adjustment, I really do thing it was specially reduced because of my earnest prayers to our heavenly father.

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