LDS Quotes about Love

LDS Quotes about Love

The noblest yearning of the human heart is for a marriage that can endure beyond death. Fidelity to a temple marriage does that. It allows families to be together forever.

This goal is glorious. All Church activities, advancements, quorums, and classes are means to the end of an exalted family.” –President Russell M. Nelson

Celestial Marriage

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The eternal truth that our Heavenly Father loves all his children is an immensely powerful idea. It is especially powerful when children can visualize it through the love and sacrifice of their earthly parents. Love is the most powerful force in the world. Arthur Henry King has said, ‘Love is not just an ecstasy, not just an intense feeling. It is a driving force. It is something that carries us through our life of joyful duty.’” -Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Powerful Ideas

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That said, none of us marry perfection; we marry potential. The right marriage is not only about what I want; it’s also about what she—who’s going to be my companion—wants and needs me to be.” -Elder Robert D. Hales

Meeting the Challenges of Today’s World


“Actually, love is the very essence of the gospel, and Jesus Christ is our Exemplar. His life was a legacy of love. The sick He healed; the downtrodden He lifted; the sinner He saved. At the end the angry mob took His life. And yet there rings from Golgotha’s hill the words: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do”—a crowning expression in mortality of compassion and love.

There are many attributes which are manifestations of love, such as kindness, patience, selflessness, understanding, and forgiveness. In all our associations, these and other such attributes will help make evident the love in our hearts.” -President Thomas S. Monson

Love- the essence of the Gospel

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Great marriages are built brick by brick, day after day, over a lifetime.

And that is good news.

Because no matter how flat your relationship may be at the present, if you keep adding pebbles of kindness, compassion, listening, sacrifice, understanding, and selflessness, eventually a mighty pyramid will begin to grow.

If it appears to take forever, remember: happy marriages are meant to last forever.” – President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

In Praise of Those who save

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True love blooms when we care more about another person than we care about ourselves. That is Christ’s great atoning example for us, and it ought to be more evident in the kindness we show, the respect we give, and the selflessness and courtesy we employ in our personal relationships.

Love is a fragile thing, and some elements in life can try to break it. Much damage can be done if we are not in tender hands, caring hands. To give ourselves totally to another person, as we do in marriage, is the most trusting step we take in any human relationship. It is a real act of faith—faith all of us must be willing to exercise. If we do it right, we end up sharing everything—all our hopes, all our fears, all our dreams, all our weaknesses, and all our joys—with another person.” -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

How Do I Love Thee talk

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Love is the only force that can erase the differences between people, that can bridge chasms of bitterness. I recall these lines:

He drew a circle that shut me out—

Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.

But Love and I had the wit to win:

We drew a circle that took him in.

(Edwin Markham, “Outwitted.”)

He who most beautifully taught this everlasting truth was the Son of God, the one perfect exemplar and teacher of love. His coming to earth was an expression of his Father’s love. -President Gordon B. Hinckley

And the Greatest of These Love

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“Express gratitude for what your spouse does for you. Express that love and gratitude often. That will make life far richer and more pleasant and purposeful. Don’t withhold those natural expressions of love. And it works a lot better if you are holding her close while you tell her.” -Elder Richard G. Scott

The Eternal Blessings of Marriage

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“There are things an elder, as he returns from his mission, must do to be true to his commitment to seek eternal life for himself and for those he loves. There is no more important commitment in time or in eternity than marriage. You have heard wise counsel to make marriage a priority in early post-mission plans. The faithful priesthood servant will do it wisely.

In considering marriage, he will see that he is choosing the parents of his children and the heritage they will have. He will make the choice with earnest searching and prayerful consideration. He will ensure that the person he marries shares his ideals for family and his convictions of the Lord’s purpose for marriage and that she is a person to whom he would be willing to trust his children’s happiness.” -President Henry B. Eyring

Eternal Families

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Elder Lynn G. Robbins

“A happy and successful marriage depends on two good forgivers, or as President Gordon B. Hinckley pointed out, ‘a high degree of mutual toleration.’ ”

“As infatuation yields to charity, true love begins to blossom.”

“The temple becomes our hope of having a happily-ever-after love story and never-ending happiness.”

“True love is not something you fall in, but grow in. It is not happenstance as much as something you control, choose and act upon.”

“Because love is as much a verb as it is a noun, the phrase ‘I love you’ is as much a promise of behavior and commitment as it is an expression of feeling.”

‘The End’ is a fitting conclusion for dime novels and Hollywood love stories, but not for true love, made perfect in Christ. This pure love is endless and is genuinely happily-ever-after.

“The love of which the Lord speaks is not only physical attraction, but also faith, confidence, understanding and partnership. … This kind of love never tires nor wanes.”

Each of these quotes came from a book titled, “Love is a Choice: Making Your Marriage and Family Stronger” written by Elder Lynn G. Robbins

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