Updates On The Lifey Project

Hey Friends!

This is Alex Balinski, I’m the guy who started the Prepare To Serve project 4.5 years ago, and recently have been working on our Lifey project. So the Lifey project has been an idea that’s been in the back of my mind for about 10 years. Only in the past year or so has the project started to take shape more fully.

So here’s some fun updates on Lifey.

lifey website logo

Overall Purpose: To help people learn from each other’s experiences. To help people make better, faster life decisions regarding their faith, health, career, etc. To help people better understand and respect each other.

Plans For Lifey:

  • Create thousands of free Lifeys for individuals and families.
  • Crowdsource surveys, blogs and video interviews about thousands of life experiences (health conditions, LDS missions, careers, etc.)
  • Create highlight Lifeys on candidates running for elected offices.
  • Offer free Lifeys for people living in states outside of Utah via mobile service projects in other cities.
  • Create and build the Lifey app to it’s fullest potential.

Things have been going great with Lifey and I’m excited to see where it ends up!

If you have any questions about our Lifey project, feel free to email me at alexbalinski@gmail.com.



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