LDS Seminary Teacher Proposed To During Class

This is just too sweet not to share!

I met Jamie two and half years ago when my wife interviewed her about her LDS mission in Armenia for our YouTube channel. Jamie did a tremendous job and I was impressed how much love she expressed for the people of Armenia.

STORY: While my wife was interviewing Jamie about her mission, my young son and I decided to try to wash Jamie’s car before she finished her interview. So we turned on the hose and we began to spray surprisingly cold water on the car. Well, that day was super hot and little did I know a hot windshield does not mix well with cold water.  When I sprayed down the windshield with water I heard a thud noise and noticed a large crack across the windshield. After Jamie finished her interview I apologized for breaking her windshield window and offered to help cover the costs to repair it. Jamie told me not too worry about it and was so gracious and kind about the whole situation.

I feel like that story gives you a little peak into how nice of a person Jamie is.

We’re so happy for Jamie and her fiance, Daniel! They seem like an amazing couple!

Enjoy the video- it’s super cute and uplifting! And congrats to Jamie and Daniel!

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