Resources for LDS Missionary Moms

Many LDS missionary moms have questions about the places their son or daughter is serving a mission in.  Here are a few resources for missionary moms.

Useful resources for LDS missionary moms

Email groups

Other valuable resources for LDS missionary moms are the LDS missionary moms email lists.  Alternatively you can contact us and we can add you to our country and state-specific email groups.

Missionary Blogs

We’ve indexed more than 10,000 missionary blogs on our missionary blog index.

Returned Missionary Surveys

We’ve collected, edited and published more than 3,000 written RM surveys that contain just about everything you’d want to know about your son or daughter’s mission- packing advice, church history, mission info, info about the food/culture/language, and inspirational stories. Simply click on your son or daughter’s mission and scroll down to the bottom of the mission page.

Video Interviews with Returned Missionaries

The interviews with returned missionaries are a wonderful resource.  Imagine being able to instantly ask questions to a returned missionary from any mission in the world.  You simply browse to the mission you want to learn about, click on the person you want to interview, and then click on the topic you want to learn about.

You can browse the interactive video interviews on the Prepare to Serve YouTube channel.  We plan to eventually upload several interactive interviews with returned missionaries from each mission.  About half of the topics relate to the area’s culture and about half of them relate to the missionary work and LDS church in that part of the world.

If you’re a missionary mom with a question about where your missionary is serving you might want to see if there are any video interviews with RMs from the mission.

Travel videos for LDS families

Since November 2012 we’ve indexed YouTube travel videos.  So far we’ve found and embedded about 9,000 clean, educational YouTube videos on Prepare to Serve about a variety of countries and states.  Eventually we plan to have over 30,000 LDS-friendly travel videos about each country and U.S.  state.

On each country or state’s website you can browse videos by topic.  For example you if you want to learn about the Philippines you can watch videos about the history, language, places, food, traditions, wildlife, LDS Church, etc. in the Philippines.  We aim to have at least a couple hundred travel videos up about each country and U.S. State by the end of this year.

Cultural articles

If you prefer to learn about a country or state by reading text rather than by watching videos you can browse our collection of cultural articles about each state or country.  Up to this point we have not put up a lot of cultural articles about many states or countries.  Over the next few years we plan to put up more text resources.  If you are willing to help compile mission info or write cultural articles about a country or state, feel free to contact us.

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