New LDS Missionary Email Policy

It’s official- LDS Missionaries can now email friends, converts, priesthood leaders, etc. Here are some updated LDS Missionary email guidelines and policies.

LDS Missionary Email Policy

  • LDS Missionaries can email friends, converts and priesthood leaders.
  • While LDS Missionaries can email just about anyone, they should get permission from their mission president before emailing others of the opposite gender who live within mission boundaries.
  • LDS Missionaries should only access email once per week on their designated Preparation Day.
  • LDS Missionaries should only use to send and receive emails.
  • LDS Missionaries should not use church members’ computers to access their emails (or for any other purpose).
  • LDS Missionaries should access their emails in a public place and where their missionary companion can see their screen.
  • LDS Missionaries should not become preoccupied with emailing others- they should focus on serving the Lord as an emissary of Jesus Christ.

If you have any questions or insights regarding the new missionary email policy, feel free to comment below!

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36 thoughts on “New LDS Missionary Email Policy

  • This is a good updating of your policy and a fair one. Young people no longer use “snail mail” and some of them fail to even return phone messages left by Mom and Dad. Since I forced myself to buy and use a computer at the age of 79, I am back in communication with my three daughters (who are not Church members). I also was concerned that some of the missionaries seemed depressed and homesick so this opens a communications’ link that might help those who are extremely close to their biological families. Thank you. (I hope you will consider allowing them to have dinner with elderly, single sisters without a third party chaperone present someday as I feel this discriminates against me and keeps me from enjoying their company. Bringing a young brother to dinner or studies with me was awkward for him and me and I stopped having the missionaries visit in my home. None of my family lives near by and being deprived of the privilege of fixing the missionaries one of my special recipes and spending an hour with them is very disappointing. It also makes me feel demeaned even thought I know this is general Church policy.)

    • I, along with my daughter. have taken it upon ourselves to help the Missionaries get regular dinner appointments. This is very much hindered as, in our ward, we have quite a few older sisters who would love the missionaries at their home, but the fact that they are ‘sisters livning alone’ means they are deprived of having them over. I also wish that ‘the powers that be’ would re-think this policy. On an up note though, so glad to be able to email some of the wonderful missionaries that have passed through our area bringing their sweet spirit with them, spreading joy and The Gospel.

    • I enjoyed your post. As a widow with children at home, I am 58 but have little ones 4 & 6 who need to see the missionaries in action, I appreciate what you said regarding their visits. I understand the need for protection on both sides but I miss feeding them and hearing the messages they bring. It is not always easy to find someone who can come with them. I am somewhat disabled and do not always get out to church. Thank you for bring it up!

  • Dear Sister June and Daughter of God, whatever age you are. I have had a similar problem with the missionaries. I am a single parent, over half your age. I have always reached my hand out to the missionaries of Lds church in what country I live in. I have even gone and taken the dearest missionaries out for a meal in Seoul South Korea. Always asking the Elders if they need any help.

    At times I felt like they were my little brothers and sisters I never had. Since both my parents are now in the next life. My brother has not long to live. My sister who I love dearly is in denial about a family illness and her grown up children seem mistrusting about family. I look to the young missionaries ie, the Elders, like my extended family. I have felt like you June, some times discriminate about having the missionaries at my home or being in their company due to strict rules within the church.

    I hear what you are saying June, let’s both pray for the lds church and this policy. I am old enough to be the missionaries mother. I understand a third person with younger sister under the age of thirty in either the lds church or even a young convert woman. Older woman your age or even me at forty. I will pray for you June and myself.

    God bless

  • Has improved in the last few years? It was an inferior email client when I was on my mission, and always broke on P-day as every missionary in the world tried to access it all at once. Hopefully the church has thrown a bit more technology into it so it functions better.

    • Yes! It’s tied in to google now. Its just like a gmail account and a million times better than the old one! (I was out when they made the switch, so I got to experience both)

  • June I feel the same as you do. I am a recent convert and I was so blessed to have two great missionaries come into my home and give me lesions. I enjoyed having them in my home because they were someone to talk to and they would make me laugh. They also brought the Spirit with them. They are gone now and I would still love visits from the Elders in my home. I see the dinner calendar being passed around and I think it is unfair that because I have no man in my house I can’t sign up. I hope they will one day change this rule.

    • You can always invite another family over to eat with you and the missionaries and or take dinner to their house and drop it off. We have a lot of single sisters in our ward and that is how they do it. Many blessings come from feeding the missionaries!

  • The email must have been under the direction of each Mission President as my recently returned missionary was allowed to receive and, if he had the time, respond to emails from others. This isn’t something my missionary “just told me” as I called the Mission Office to ask what the policy was. As the Office Staff explained to me, the missionaries are limited to the amount of time they have on email. But that didn’t limit others from using that as the way to communicate nor my son from responding. HOWEVER, after writing the Mission President and their parents most missionaries had little remaining time to email others. With the guidelines already in place, I think this is a wonderful step forward. Writing is so much easier on the computer — corrections can be made in spelling and grammar with little effort leaving a document the missionary can feel good about sending. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ’s restored Church. A Prophet leads and guides us today. Doctrine comes from God to the Prophet and then to the Church body. Only God can change doctrine. Policies and procedures can be changed as those in leadership positions see the wisdom of making changes. Thank goodness for this procedural change.

  • June and others with this problem: fortunately for me in my mission, we were able to eat and visit with anyone 18 and older. I very much enjoyed the time I was able to spend in the homes of many older sisters that lived alone.
    Anonymous: the church did upgrade their email system shortly before I finished my mission several years back. It is a Google run site that works pretty well.

  • I have a daughter on a mission and am not really a fan of the open emailing. Her inbox is so flooded right now with emails from everybody else that I get almost nothing from her, she has no time. Call me selfish, I’m not looking for self-pity, but I really came to rely on that weekly email and now feel deprived. Just MY thoughts on the new rule. Although SHE is very excited about it, I also can sense her stress over receiving all those emails and not having sufficient time to respond to them. With the new rule, there is no extra time to respond to the many more emails, and that is a stress and worry put upon her.

  • To Lisa Young –
    Hi Lisa ,
    is it possible that your daughter could concentrate on individual emails to her loved ones and closest friends and then a group email,explaining of course how busy she is,to all the others who send emails.
    I don’t know how the email site works but I hope my suggestion is of help and you and your daughter are able to have less stress and more time to communicate with each other 🙂

  • I disagree with this change…. It just provides another way for a missionary to distract himself from being fully engaged in the work. Instead if writing a good email to his family he will use all if his Internet time reading and answering everyone back! There will be little time to relay the spiritual experiences! Also because he will be emailing more people and reading all those other emails it provides a bigger temptation to go over the allotted time period of 1 hour for use of Internet on p-day! I think I still should only be parent and grandparents that missionaries should be allowed to email, they can receive emails from anyone…. But should only be able to respond to immediate family members.

  • So, does this mean that the missionary that baptized me who transferred, can get special permission to email me? I don’t want to take away his time or distract him, I just want to tell him about my patriarchal blessing and my church callings!

  • I am excited about this new policy! I mailed letters to 17 different missionaries at least once a month, e-mail would be much cheaper and much faster. For the most part, I got very few letters in return, I had one friend who would send his mom a general letter about how he was doing, and she would forward it to everyone on his e-mail list.
    While it might be distracting to have so many messages flood your inbox, it would also be nice to see the support from home and from previous areas every week. And typing a letter via e-mail as opposed to writing a letter via snail mail is definitely a time saver!

  • For single sisters who want to have the missionaries in your home/feed/cook for them: Please share your concerns with your visiting and home teachers! Talk to the ward mission leader! There are many options which will work within the rules. There are solutions which will benefit everyone!
    I also had the concern about emails; My missionary knows I have access to her email account, and I don’t have a problem monitoring activity. I’ve already suggested she make a group distribution list for friends, and copy/paste part of her weekly family email to friends that want to keep in touch. Email CAN be a great missionary tool. But not at the expense of parents and family that need the letter as much as the missionary.

  • I think this is a great policy change! My daughter is currently serving in Russia. She sends me a long, newsy email to share with our family and friends. Then she uses the time she has left to send brief replies to friends who have sent letters. I was forwarding those, but now she can send her brief note directly to them and we all still get to read the wonderful email she sends to me each week.

    When my siblings were serving, we had to wait weeks to hear from them and vice versa. What a blessing to know that every single week I get an update on how she is doing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Gracias por esto, no lo sabia. En mi país resulta un poco incomodo los servicios de centros de internet, por lo que a veces trato que a los misioneros se les haga mas fácil poder escribir a sus familiares. Ellos nunca aceptan y hasta ahora veo porque. De verdad que son buenos chicos y muy obedientes. Es bueno saber que son obedientes por encima de sus deseos personales. Gracias a los lideres por cada mensaje inspirado que nos guían por el sendero de la verdad.!

  • Question about new missionary email… My boy has been out for just 2 days. For some reason, emails sent to his account are coming to me. ??? Anyone know what is going on? email me at if you know why this is happening.

  • Hi! What about me mailing a missionary who’s within my mission boundaries? Is it okey if I send him an email every once in a while? Even if he isn’t able to answer it.

    • I’m not 100% positive, but I believe you may not be able to if it’s an Elder, because of the opposite gender rule. To find out for sure you could simply ask one of the missionaries within your mission boundaries. If they are unsure they can ask the Mission President who for sure will know. Hope that helps!

  • I am the Ward Clerk in a YSA ward and my bishop requested me to obtain email addresses for several missionaries who attended our ward before their mission. Is it possible to get email addresses for elders and sisters now serving?

    • I’m sure it’s possible, but I don’t believe the email addresses are readily published publicly online. One way you might find the email addresses is by either contacting their parents or their mission office. When you are logged into your account, you can look up the phone numbers and addresses of many missions at . I wish I knew an easier way, but I am not sure. You could also try contacting the missionary department and asking them, explaining the reason you’d like their emails and your calling. I wish you best! Feel free to let me know how it works out for you!

  • Is it ok to email missionaries back and forth almost like chatting online? And if you don’t know, any idea where I could find out?

    • Hi Elisabeth! I’m not sure. I’ll check with my Stake President went I next visit with him (he works in the Missionary Department) 🙂 So I checked with my Stake President and he just said the guidelines are what are written in the Missionary Handbook. So, in other words if there’s no rule relating to email chatting, in the missionary handbook, then I think it’s left to the discretion of the missionaries and their families 🙂 Hope that helps!

  • Hey, I have a question. What is the correct way to end a email from a missionary. Is it Elder … or Sister …? Well, because one of my friends who is serving his mission, didn’t put Elder … and I want to know what is the correct way to end an email from a missionary.

    • Hi Megan! I don’t know if there’s any official guidelines as to whether a missionary ends their emails with their first name or “Elder,” or “Sister”. I personally think either could be fine. I think many people probably use their first names when writing their immediate family and close friends. Hope that helps!

  • Oh okay, that is really interesting though because my friend usually put Elder … but instead he didn’t say anything at the end and I thought it isn’t a good thing. Thank you for your help though Alex.

  • Hi I was just wondering if I was able to email missionaries from my personal email account, or do I have to make an LDS account? Just because I’ve heard one of the elders that was teaching my nephews and has been transferred doesn’t receive any letters, emails or phone calls from his family and friends in his home country and I felt quite sad about it. Also to the people who feel bad they can’t invite an elder inside, these elders used to teach/eat etc outside if there was no male home.

  • I am a mom of a future missionary and this will all be new to me. I wanted to know what to expect and was hoping that I could get weekly emails from my daughter when she is gone.She is currently awaiting her call so we are not sure where she is going yet. would it be best for her to email family from her personal email and have her myldsmail account for everything else? Also what do you suggest as far as her being able to contact us when she is at the airport before she catches her flight and will she be able to let us know when she arrives at her destination. We are excited but nervous for the unknown and she has not been away from home for more then a week. Any advise would be appreciated.

  • You aren’t supposed to use any email account but the LDS Mail account issued to you in your call packet. She will get that information soon. Next, she will be able to use a pay phone to contact you from the airport on her way out. You’re daughter will do great! She has the Lord on her side, and she will be watched over and protected.

  • Can missionaries from different missions email one another? I have friends that are currently serving missions and I don’t know if I’ll be able to communicate with them through email once I become a full time missionary. …Thanks in advance!

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