INCREDIBLE Mission President Prophecy That Came True

Here’s an incredible story from a returned missionary of the Portugal Lisbon Mission about a mission president who felt inspired to promise to a companionship that if they would knock a building that night, they would meet someone prepared, who would be baptized within a month.

The companionship knocks the entire building and has no luck. Right as they’re about to go home, a miracle happens and the mission president’s promise/prophecy is fulfilled.

So cool!

Video Transcript

No matter how you feel about any particular zone leader or district leader or assistant to the president or anything like that, always trust your mission president and that they’re receiving revelation for the mission, and what they’re telling you really does come from God. So any rule, or anything like that- don’t question it, follow it.

I’ll tell a story about something my mission president did that really impressed me and really let me know that he was receiving revelation. It was when I was in that area Coimbra, the Harry Potter place I told you about. Un, we were in this chapel, we were in this chapel that was on this big hill- Coimbra is just full of rolling hills and they’ve got cities built on them, so we were on this big hill and we could see our whole area from it.

And so, I was at Zone Conference that we were having there, and our mission president walked over to the window, you know and he looked out and he said “Who are the Elders that are over this area? You know, and so me and my companion stood up and he says “Come here. We went to the window and he pointed to this apartment building on the other side of the city and he said “there is somebody in that apartment building who wants to hear the Gospel and if you go there tonight, you’re going to meet them and they will be baptized within a month.”

And you know that was kinda crazy, right? Wow, that’s intense you know. But, how could you not go? So, we went.

Soon as that zone meeting went, we went there. We looked out and we memorized what the building looked like from far away and we got over to it, but there was three identical buildings right there. They just looked exactly the same. We were pretty sure we knew which one it was, and so we went in and we knocked every single door and everybody in there rejected us, like kind of even more mean than usual, you know, we’re like “uhh… this is a trick..ok we got the wrong building, we’ll go knock the two identical ones, you know,” so we went and..exactly the same as the first one and we got there and it was close to time for us to- we were already going to be a little bit late getting home ya know. So we’re like well, I don’t know- maybe he was wrong, and we walked and we sat outside that first building, we’re like we’re sure it was this one- I don’t know what happened and you know I was getting a little discouraged and so like I just want to go home, it’s late, I’m tired.

And then suddenly we saw this car pull up, kid got out and started walking and he had been taking late classes and was getting home late from the university and he was walking in and my companion- his name is Elder Goiani- crazy Brazilian kid- didn’t speak a word of English but he was awesome. He just goes taking off and like I didn’t even realize where he went, cuz I didn’t see the kid get out of the car and he just books it, because he’s going on the- this kid he lived in that first building that we were supposed to knock. Goiani caught up with him, contacted him at the doorway- you know I ran to kind of catch up afterwards.

And he, he did agree to meet with us. It was cool- I said kid- he was actually about 24, but (laugh) anyway, I just- I call people kids. Anyway we met him, his name was Miguel and we met him for the first lesson and I’ve never met anybody more prepared for baptism. Right.

He felt the spirit so strongly in that first lesson- he loved it. You know, he invited us over the next day to teach the second lesson. We taught everything so quick. And a few weeks later, he was baptized. And he stayed a solid member and was amazing and we never would have found him if we had not listened to our mission president.

And it was a really impressive spiritual experience for me.

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